About Kine

As an artist I were a late bloomer. I've always held an interest in art and drawing, but never had the time persuing it. That changed when I was pregnant with my last child at an age of 32. Bound to bed by pregnancy, I started painting. inspired by my beautiful surroundings here in Lofoten, I started testing out different techniques and motives. 

Starting out, I painted mainly flowers and stills. Focusing on light and shadow, along with the colours to manipulate the mood in a painting.

This adventure quickly exspanded and I learned Acrylic pouring, wich was an incredible technique, in wich i use alone and with other medias.

In 2019 I started Nydalen Kunstskole, where I learnt to develop my intuitive painting. Using different techniques, and motives I seek to express the human condition and explore the emotions a painting can bring to it's viewer.

As an artist I am trying to create or capture emotions. Many of my paintings are inspired by psykology and the wish to a more open aproach to psykological health issues. My paintings is often bold in colours and reaching out to the viewers mood.