Acrylic pouring


Acrylic Pouring for the soul

Acrylic pouring is one of the forms of abstract art I love the most. painting in this way is very intuitive, and also very satisfying. In acrylic pouring I have to let go of some of the control I have when making art. I can only plan for so much when creating a poru painting, the rest kind of happens. 

I started doing Acrylic pouring after watching some very addicting and satisfying online videos. The movement of colours and all the different techniques attracted me to it. So I started experimenting with it, and fell in love with the medatative comfort this artform give. Putting on some music, mixing coulours with mediums and just pour onto canvas.

Like much of my artwork, this is also quite intuitive. I chose colours depending on mood and emotion. often inspired by my beautiful surroundings here in Lofoten, the beautiful evening sky or the ocean, i just choose a technique and try to go with the flow. It is so soothing to just watch the movements you make turn into beautiful artwork right in front of your eyes.

To make acrylic pouring, it requires a medium that does not dialute the colours in the acrylic painting. There are many different pouring mediums available online, and I sometimes use these ready made pouring mediums. Most of the time, though, I make my own pouring medium using easely available ingedients. where I live, we have lack of art material stores and often it will take a long time for supplies to get here. This may cause me loosing my windom of inspiration. so I createt a few different pouring mediums myself.

I have a few different series in the acrylic pouring art I make, based on the different inspirations that drives me to make them.


Into the Galaxy is a series of space-inspired acrylic pourings that reflects on the infinity of our universe. Sometimes we can feel really small in the confrontation to the universe and the beauty of it. It makes you think of the big and existential questions in life. 

Ocean acrylic pouring

The Ocean is my series that is inspired by the ocean surrounding my home. Living in an iceland, I am surrounded by ocean. These paintings are Inspired by the unique colours and depts of the ocean. It's serene and meditating powers are divine, and is truly an inspirasion.

 The Caves is a series of paintings that is inspired by the search of what is within. like searching trough a cave to find your true soul. These paintings have a large variety of colours depending on the mood I wish to explore. 

The Sounds of Music is inspired by music I happen to listen to as I am making these paintings. I choose colours I feel is right with the rythm of the music and try to communicate the vibe I get from the music.