The process of making art

Most of my paintings are made during an intuitive process. I never really know what I am going to paint, it kind of just manifest while practicing different techniques where I just suddenly see something that makes sense to me, that speaks to me. 

Sometimes I just droodle nonsense to the canvas or paper and see a shape or form that I would like to explore. Other times i just cover the canvas in paint and try to see layer by layer if it transports into something. or I can focus solitary on the colours and get a feel for the vibrations of the colours.

A lot of the art process is just staring at the painting until I just know what it is supposed to be. Some of the paintings are easy, they tell me their story right away. but more often than not, it can use months to reveal their true story. developing into something completly different than what i started out with. 

I never paint in silence, I always have podcasts, soundbooks or different music on when I paint. Sometimes inspiration is even inspired through movement, like yoga and dancing. I think this is ways to activate creativity, and use all i can to get the idea and then the story out of the painting.